Events vs. Alarms

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Events vs. Alarms

Post by admin » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:14 pm

Events are generally considered benign messages.
Alarms are generally considered to be important.

In BTX, transaction data from an analytics device reporting a benign message can be recorded in Milestone as an "Event Record". For an important security incident, an "Alarm Record" can be created. Any signal received from an analytics device NOT categorized by the user as an "Alarm Record" will by default be considered an "Event Record".

In BTX, "Alarms" differs from "Events" for two key reasons:
1) Transaction data categorized as an alarm will create an "Alarm Record"
2) "An Alarm Record" can trigger a User-defined Event via a keyword match in the incoming transaction data, which can create additional action in Milestone and third-party security devices.

NOTE: An "Event Trigger" is a special case where the generation of an Event Record by BTX also triggers User-Defined Events in Milestone . To activate an "Event Trigger", place the appropriate keyword from the analytic device's transaction data into the "Alarm Keyword [,startPos [,length]]" column. By doing so, an "Event Record" will be sent to Milestone, but any User-defined Events will also be triggered.
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