01 - Configuring Network Connection with Milestone

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01 - Configuring Network Connection with Milestone

Post by admin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:49 pm

In BTX, select the “Analytics to Milestone” tab to set up the network connection with Milestone.

Port – Default = 7227 – BTX listens on this port for incoming events and alarms from third-party systems.
IPV6 – Default = Not checked.
Reader – Default = CR/LF. Do not change unless specifically required.

Milestone Server
IP Address: Milestone server IP address and port number. Enter Milestone server admin user/password, NOT the Milestone Smart Client user/pass.

Alarm Keywords
Specify keywords used in the transaction data for each analytics (third-party) device.
Call App-Techs sales for a list of keywords used by the analytics device(s).

After configuring the network settings, click the “SAVE” button in the top-right corner before exiting.

Exit BTX, then restart to initiate its connection with the designated XProtect system.
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