AINVR Transaction Data Keywords

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AINVR Transaction Data Keywords

Post by admin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:30 pm

As of this posting, the Alarm Keywords AINVR sends to BTX are as follows:
  • See special case below for info on LPR and FR keywords
Post the text string above into the "Alarm keywords" text field located in the Analytics to Milestone tab

***Special Case***

With the list functionality in LPR and FR, alarm keywords are reported as followed:
  • FACE_RECOGNITION_not in list
  • LPR_not in list
  • LPR_{List Name}
This allows the user to generate an event or alert in BTX specific to people or license plates on a particular list. To create a list alarm, enter an alarm keyword on the Analytics to Milestone[/] tab as "FACE_RECOGNITION_{AINVR list name}. Ditto for LPR.
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