Smart Client Plug-In Installation Process

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Smart Client Plug-In Installation Process

Post by admin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:43 pm

Smart Client Plug-In Installation

Contact App-Techs for copies of the plug-in download files.

Once files are downloaded, decompress and copy the plug-in files to the following directory on the workstation c:/ drive:

- C:\ Program Files\Milestone\XProtect Smart Client\MIPPlugins

*** Please note that Milestone could be stored in the local Program Files (x86) folder, in which case copy files to the following directory:

- C:\ Program Files (x86)\Milestone\XProtect Smart Client\MIPPlugins

Once the files are copied, close any running versions of the Milestone Smart Client and restart.

1) Upon restart, enter Milestone’s Setup mode.
2) Choose a view where the plug-in will be displayted.
3) In the “System Overview” section located in the left-hand tool bar, drag-and-drop “BTX Schedule Monitor” and “MXP Bridge” options into the desired Smart Client window.
4) Exit Setup.

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