Basic BTX Installation Guide

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Basic BTX Installation Guide

Post by admin » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:53 pm

Installation of BTX is relatively simple. It involves a few basic steps.

BTX is very lightweight. It consumes very little disk space, and consumes very little memory.

It is typically installed directly on the XProtect Management Server in order to reduce latency and network traffic between it and XProtect. Technically, it may installed anywhere on the network that has access to the XProtect Management Server, and anywhere that is accessible by third-party devices and systems that will be sending events and alarms.

Although trial licenses are available, the typical installation process is outlined below.

- Purchase the BTX License.
- Download the BTX installer - A download link can be emailed to you. Contact App-Techs Support for the link.
- Run installer on a system that has access to the XProtect system with which the integration is being associated. Set the port and credentials with which BTX will login to XProtect
- Everything you need is included with the installation files, including the BTX User Manual
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