06 - Use Concatenation to Create Alarms for Specific Objects

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06 - Use Concatenation to Create Alarms for Specific Objects

Post by admin » Thu Mar 28, 2019 5:55 pm

Concatenation is a fancy word for joining two text strings together. In BTX, this feature on the "Device Map" tab allows you to splice together different parts of the transaction data to create a custom alarm keyword. In AINVR, this is the method to generate alarms for detecting AI objects, such as a person, car, cell phone, dog,etc.

To activate concatenation, check the “Alarm Concat Sooner” checkbox and set your fields. Ex. below:


With the settings above, BTX will execute the following steps:
  1. Search for suffix “XP:Location:” in the 5th through the nth fields
    • Suffix to search for = XP:Location:
    • Search start param idx = 5
  2. If text match, copy subsequent content in field containing suffix
  3. Merge copied text with the contents of 3rd field, separated by _`
    • Alarm parameter index = 3
    • Concatenation separator = _`
  4. Generate a revised transaction data string = [Text in 5th field] +[ _`] + [text after XP:Location:]
  5. Search revised 3rd data field for Alarm keyword match
    • Alarm keyword=[Text in 3rd field] +[ _`] + [text after XP:Location:]
  6. If match, generate an alarm record in Milestone and trigger associated User-defined events.

    Note: Make sure to add the concatenated alarm keyword to your list of alarm keywords in the BTX Analytics to Milestone tab.
  7. Save settings.

Below is transaction data string from AINVR Alert named "Cell Phone Detection Event". This sample alert was set up to notify us when any cell phone is detected by <Camera1>. Without concatenation, BTX will receive the following:

<03/28/2019><11:54:59><VIDEO_SEARCH><Camera1><XP:SourceName:BTX><XP:Tag: <XP:Location:Cell Phone Detection Event>
  • Based on the image above, BTX is configured to search for alarm keywords in the third term in the data string (in this case, <VIDEO_SEARCH>)
  • Since the alert type coming in from AINVR <VIDEO_SEARCH> is not specific enough, the user can concatenate a more specific term from the transaction data.
  • In the case of AINVR object detection, the "Alert Name" = Cell Phone Detection Event> " is reported in the 5th column after "XP:Location:"
  • Per our settings, BTX searches for text found after XP:Location: ... in this case... Cell Phone Detection Event and adds it to the end of the <VIDEO_SEARCH>, separated by the Concatenation separator_`
  • The new concatenated data string will now look like the following:

    <03/28/2019><11:54:59><VIDEO_SEARCH_'Cell Phone Detection Event><Camera1><XP:SourceName:BTX><XP:Tag: <XP:Location:Cell Phone Detection Event>
  • Be sure to add <VIDEO_SEARCH_'Cell Phone Detection Event> to your list of alarm keywords on the BTX Analytics to Milestone tab
  • We've created an alarm keyword that can only trigger when an AINVR Alert named "Cell Phone Detection Event" is received by BTX
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