Concatenate - Create different alerts within a master alarm category

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Concatenate - Create different alerts within a master alarm category

Post by admin » Fri Mar 29, 2019 1:43 pm

Concatenation allows users to join two separate transaction data fields to create a custom alarm keyword. This is useful if the analytics device has multiple variations within a master alarm type category.

To activate concatenation, check the “Alarm Concat Sooner” checkbox and set your fields. Ex. below:


With the settings above, BTX will execute the following steps:
  1. Search for suffix “XP:Location:” in the 5th through the nth fields
    • Suffix to search for = XP:Location:
    • Search start param idx = 5
  2. If text match, copy subsequent content in field containing suffix
  3. Merge copied text with the contents of 3rd field, separated by _`
    • Alarm parameter index = 3
    • Concatenation separator = _`
  4. Generate a revised transaction data string = [Text in 5th field] +[ _`] + [text after XP:Location:]
  5. Search revised 3rd data field for Alarm keyword match
    • Alarm keyword=[Text in 3rd field] +[ _`] + [text after XP:Location:]
  6. If match, generate an alarm record in Milestone and trigger associated User-defined events.
Note: Make sure to add the concatenated alarm keyword to your list of alarm keywords in the BTX Analytics to Milestone tab.

Save settings.
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