Upgrading BTX to latest version

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Upgrading BTX to latest version

Post by admin » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:13 pm

Contact App-Techs to obtain a download link to the latest version of BTX.

Before installing the new version, it is important to retain your license key and current configuration.

Steps to re-install while saving license key and configuration:

1) go to c:\App-techs\BTX\sys (or host_folder\BTX\sys)
2) Copy BTX.ini. + BTX.lic + BTX_schedule.ini
3) Paste anywhere not it a /BTX/ or any subfolder
4) Install new release
5) Copy BTX.ini. + BTX.lic + BTX_schedule.ini and paste in new c:\App-techs\BTX\sys
6) Open BTX

If you have installation / software update questions, feel free to contact App-Techs.
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