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Spotlight™ Plug-in for Milestone XProtect Smart Client



Spotlight™ triggers color-coded bounding boxes around live camera cells in any Smart Client view. Color bounding boxes are triggered in real-time by either exact or partial keyword matches for any incoming XProtect event and/or alarm message.


Spotlight™ provides additional visual cues as to the type/nature of alarm received. Easily select your own color palette to indicate alarm type, severity, priority, location, or any other category.


Ideal for Smart Walls and other heads-up displays where operators monitor video without direct contact with the Smart Client. The duration of the bounding box is easy to adjust, or you can simply click on the camera cell to clear.


With Spotlight, react faster by visually identifying alarm types of interest on your screen as they happen.



Spotlight™ Plug-in Video DEMO



Spotlight Plug-in features include:


    • Color-coded bounding box automatically triggers around live cameras.
    • Exact and partial keyword matches filter incoming event/alarm messages by color.
    • Adjust color palette to create customized visual cues.
    • "Click-to-clear" or use expiry timer to manually/automatically clear bounding boxes.
    • Purchase licenses by # of Smart Clients used. No local work station licenses required.



Spotlight™ Licenses


Spotlight is available for purchase per the number of Smart Clients being used at any given time. For example, ten licenses allow you to have ten Smart Clients running Spotlight simultaneously. There is no need to license local workstations, providing you with flexibility to use Spotlight accross the entirety of your XProtect system.



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Spotlight™ Plug-in Screenshot

Spotlight Plug-in




Spotlight Plug-in - Use-Case


Video and audio analytics are being used at a hospital to monitor patients for signs of distress, discomfort, or falling.


With Spotlight, simply enter the keywords of "distress", "discomfort", or "fall" into the keyword fields and choose a color palette.


When a "distress", "discomfort", or "fall" is received by XProtect, the video monitoring station at the nursing station will display a color bounding box around the patient room from where the alarm originated. In this case, the nurse, seeing a red bounding box, responds immediately to room 211, prepared to assist a patient who has fallen while getting out of bed.


Other Use Cases


Perimeter Monitoring - Indicate the severity of a breach, i.e, first-level, second-level, third-level, etc.

Access Control - Indicate employee, restricted, and unauthorized access

Video Analytics - Indicate illegal parking, i.e. 30 seconds, 2 minutes, +5 minutes, etc.

Traffic Control - Indicate stopped, slowed, or freely-moving vehicles

And many more....




Smart Client Settings Tab


Spotlight plug-in Settings