Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance Systems

App-Techs offers a broad array of surveillance solutions and is partnered with many major brands. We offer NVRs, wireless network subsystems, portable systems and integration expertise. We specialize in Network Video Recording (NVR) / VMS (Video Management Systems). NVRs provide a future-proof technology that has unlimited scalability, superior video resolutions, low cost of ownership and practically limitless integration possibilities.

Video Analytics
Video Analytics

App-Techs designs and deploys video analytics systems that are fully integrated with Milestone XProtect systems, as well as with other video surveillance infrastructures. Enable end-users to quickly and easily identify people, vehicles, license plates and objects of interest in real-time. Forensic searches produce instant and informative results. Real-time notifications facilitate proactive responses to events (people, license plates and objects) of interest.

Access Control
Access Control Solutions

App-Techs designs and deploys access control systems that leverage existing networking and video surveillance infrastructures. We ensure that you receive the appropriate solution for your facility by combining the latest Access Control technologies with your security needs and technology requirements.

Industrial Wireless
Industrial Wireless Solutions

App-Techs offers a wide range of wireless solutions, including point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and wireless mesh networks. Our experience ranges from city-wide surveillance networks, business networks, wireless broadband solutions for communities and campuses, and handheld data terminals.

Fiber Optics

App-Techs designs, installs, supports and maintains fiber-optic networks and subsystems. Our experience includes single and multi-mode fiber, aerial splicing "in-bucket," "hot cut" splicing, as well as transition and termination splicing.

Information Technology
Information Technology Services

App-Techs' certified technicians provide numerous IT services. These services include network design and implementation, wireless connectivity, secure VPN connections, server installation, business software maintenance, as well as computer maintenance and repair.




App-Techs News
May 16 2019
Milestone announces exciting promotion for existing OnSSI customers


OnSSI Customers: Milestone is offering a conversion to XProtect Professional Plus or XProtect Expert for the cost of a two-year Care Plus service plan. This program eliminates the upfront fees normally associated with an XProtect purchase, offering a substantial cost reduction.


May 8 2019
App-Techs Presents at TechTalkLive


App-Techs gave dual presentations on the latest developments in AI video analytics and access control technology at the 2019 TechTalk Live Conference, hosted by IU13. The event is one of the largest gatherings of school IT professionals in PA.

May 2 2019
BTX can now receive & push SNMP traps into Milestone XProtect


This new capability allows a network monitor to instantly identify network equipment issues involving routers, switches, servers, workstations, printers, and other network devices. BTX can automate your network monitoring and trigger mobile, email, & Milestone Smart Client alerts when network device issues occur.


Applying Technology Solutions since 2003.


App-Techs Corporation specializes in the design, installation, support and maintenance of video surveillance systems, access control, industrial wireless, fiber-optic networks, and general IT services.


The company offers comprehensive expertise in all aspects of surveillance systems, from camera and device installation to server and software configuration and ongoing maintenance and support.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high-value, reliable, and affordable security and IT solutions.


Here are just a few reasons why App-Techs is a one-stop shop for comprehensive security solutions that meet clients' needs and budget.



  • App-Techs manufactures the EasyNVR® and EasyVA® lines of video recording and analytics servers, combining the power and flexibility of Milestone XProtect with high-quality hardware, built specifically for the security needs of each customer.


  • App-Techs' specialized in the development of security-related software and Milestone integrations such as video and audio analytics, access control and security systems, and server and network health monitoring.


  • With both hardware and software expertise, App-Techs has the know-how to create and develop novel security solutions when none exist in the marketplace.


  • App-Techs maintains strong relationships with security vendors across the world. A preferred Milestone Systems and Panasonic Camera "Diamond" Partner, we leverage our many relationships to provide customers with the lowest possible prices and the latest advancements in security technology.


  • App-Techs is an authorized vendor with a host of state and federal agencies, including GSA, SAM, PEPPM, COSTARS, and PA eMartketplace (ITQ).


  • Our customers include local, state and federal governments, schools, colleges, manufacturing facilities, corporate campuses, civic and entertainment venues, non-profits, retail, and residential.


  • App-Techs is committed to implementing solutions that align with client objectives and deliver good business value. We continuously leverage our computer, networking, wireless, software and product knowledge to deliver superior results that meet clients' needs and budgets.


  • Teamwork, know-how, creativity, and the ability to listen are central tenets of App-Techs' service approach.





App-Techs is a participating vendor of GSA Schedule 84

Contract : GS-07F-135GA