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HUM® System


Health Utility Monitor for EasyNVR® Servers


HUM® is the most comprehensive server Health Utility Monitor, giving you all the tools to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your Milestone XProtect system. Data can be accessed by any web browser or views configured in Smart Client.



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HUM Formula:





= Maximum Up-Time and Low-Cost, Proactive Maintenance



Health Utility Monitor




HUM® Framework


HUM is a utility that logs vital parameters associated with your server hardware, cameras, other network devices, and Windows or Milestone XProtect sub-systems. HUM is web-based and information is presented in graphs with selectable time scales.


HUM® Features:


    • Users of both HUM and our DMap cloud-based device tracking app will get HUM alerts while logged into DMap, for convenient, fast notification of issues.
    • Log measurements from network, hardware, Windows and Milestone XProtect sub-systems
    • Graphs with variable time scales to quickly visualize trends
    • Integration with all Milestone XProtect versions, providing vital surveillance monitoring capabilities
    • Email alerts for proactive maintenance
    • Ability to query and log data from any device with numeric SNMP values
    • Configurable views within Milestone XProtect Smart Client