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Video Analytics

Video Analytics


Video Analytics with App-Techs EasyVA® Servers


App-Tech's video analytics packages use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and "Deep-Learning" to boost surveillance capabilities while saving time and resources.


Adding these analytic capabilities will allow your system to:


  • Quickly and accurately detect people, vehicles, license plates, objects, motions, trends, events, and behaviors in real-time.
  • Search terabytes of video data in seconds to pinpoint past instances of people, vehicles, objects, and events of interest.
  • Trigger real-time notifications and coordinate a customized response across your many security devices.


AI / Deep Learning capabilities:


    • Person / People Detection
      • Color of clothing
      • Direction of travel
      • Quantity of people in region-of-interest
    • Face Recognition
      • List membership
      • Face match archive search
    • Vehicle Detection
      • Color
      • Direction of travel
      • Quantity of vehicle types in region-of-interest
    • License Plate Detection and Recognition ("LPR")
      • List Membership
      • License plate archive search
    • Object Detection
      • Color and quantity attributes
    • Motion Detection
    • Intrusion Zones
    • People and Traffic Counting
    • Fall and Crouch Detection
    • Weapons Detection


Advanced "Deep-Learning" Video Archive Search:


    • Search metadata archives within seconds to match people, objects, and vehicles with specific traits.
    • Search video recordings for face and licence plate matches of new or known subjects.
    • Video search integrates seamlessly with Milestone XProtect.


How it works


Artificial intelligence allows machines to learn from experience by mimicking the neural networks of the human brain. Also known as "Deep-Learning", these systems use high-performance GPU's (Graphics Processing Units) to classify incoming data and events in real-time. Because AI "learns" from prior experience, it is continuously improving its ability to identify people, faces, objects, attributes, trends, and abnormal events.


App-Techs EasyVA® Analytics Servers


App-Techs specializes in customize video surveillance and video analytics solutions. Since each analytics package is designed to fit your analytic needs and also integrate with existing devices, call the App-Techs Sales Team to set up a consultation on which server package is best for you. If you have unique security needs, tell us. We have a proven record of finding solutions for the trickiest of security concerns.